• Do you want to sell your publication?

Activate the sale option for 19.90 euros forever!

Sfogliami allows you to list your publication in a very simple way: define the sale price, indicate your PayPal account (free) and activate the sale option from the control panel.

Your flipbook is already ready to receive payments through the PayPal and credit card circuit.

Purchases will be credited automatically to you, no fee is retained by Sfogliami.

The buyer gets the digital version of your publication in flipbook format and, if you enable the option, also in downloadable PDF format.

Sell your flipbook

Reach thousands of contacts outside your usual circuits and boost your sales channel!

  • What kind of flipbook can I sell?"

    You can sell any work for which you own the copyrights, so no works by others or books that you in turn have purchased.

    All flipbooks for sale are free of banners.

  • Are you a publisher?

    Sfogliami allows you to easily publish and sell all your publications, which will always be available in your library for easy management. If you want to integrate the library within your site contact us.

  • Do you want to give your publication to some users for free?

    You can create coupon codes and send them to the people you want to give your flipbook. They will be able to use the code to get your flipbook without paying for it. Once used, the system will cancel the coupon.

  • Request invoice details

    If you need to issue an invoice for each sale, we will ask your customer for billing information before payment."

Perfect, how do I proceed?

You can sell your publication in just three steps:

1. Create your own flipbook

Upload your PDF, Sfogliami converts it and notifies you when it's ready

2. Put it up for sale

Activate the sale option from the control panel

3. Choose the price

Decide on the sale price and indicate your PayPal account, nothing else is needed!

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